Absolute Beginners Course

An eight week introduction course to some of the core asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing practices) of a yoga practice. This course is open to all ages and abilities and will set you up to practice yoga safely for your body

Deepening Your yoga practice course

Starting soon, a Saturday afternoon series of yoga workshops designed to help deepen your personal practice.

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how to prepare for Beginners

Stretch or lose clothing is ideal to practice yoga in, as long as you are comfortable. Let the teacher know of any illness, injury or concerns before class. Always listen to your body. There will be some effort in the class but there should never be pain. Remember to enjoy the sessions and be patient with yourself. It can take a while to relax into this new way of moving and breathing.

How to Prepare for Deepening the practice

Own a mat that you love to practice on. Bring along a journal to take notes. Enjoy the process. Be patient with yourself and others