Eilis O'Regan

Eilis O'Regan

I attended a beginner’s course in Ashtanga Yoga over 20 years ago; although the pace was tough I was attracted by the connection between movement and breath. Initially I was mesmerised by the physical benefits of yoga, such as strength and flexibility – it took time and awareness to reap the subtle benefits from a regular yoga practice.  I practice Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga; the practice sets me up to deal with what ever comes my way.

Over the years I have participated in a number of yoga training programmes; each one has added something to my practice and my teaching. I completed my teacher training over 10 years ago. As a teacher I venture to enable students to explore their practice respectfully; to work energetically with the breath; and most importantly, to enjoy yoga and the many benefits it offers.

I teach  Ashtanga led and Mysore classes. To me, Yoga is a constant process of change and I love it.”


LIsa Berry


Yoga provides me with tools for my personal and communal growth and the more I immerse myself in my practice, not only am I aware of my physical body becoming stronger and more flexible but it’s the noticeable changes in my mental and emotional wellbeing that really affect the very core of my daily life.

Vinyasa flow drives my practice and my teachings. I love the freedom that a Vinyasa practice provides, allowing for intuitive sequences and creative transitions, in turn providing greater scope for all ages and abilities. Physiotherapy alignment principles developed by Simon Borg Olivier and Bianca Machliss of Yoga Synergy form the basis of how I teach students to safely and intelligently create strength and grace in their physical practice and enable greater clarity, concentration and focus in their minds. I committed fully to my yoga practice in 2006 and graduated from The Yoga Shala Teacher Training Programme in 2012.



Laurence McEllin started Yoga 25 years ago (1991) in Kiltimagh, East Mayo through the attempted study of a book by André Van Lysebeth (1919-2004) called Yoga Self-Taught. However, he only took to seriously trying yoga in 2006. Teacher-wise, over the last 6 years Laurence has had the good fortune to be a student of Jiri “George” Alexa, Marese Cregg, Fiona Hynes, Luke Jordan, and Sonja Radvila, with his primary teacher being Éilis O’Regan. In March of 2016 he received his Certificate of Training by completing the Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Program (RYT200/YAP Associate1) in Mysuru (aka Mysore), Karnataka, India with Ashtanga Yoga Mysore.

Teaching-wise, at the moment, Laurence offers two types of classes:

 traditional aṣṭāṅgayoga (“yoga of eight limbs”)* both mysore-style and led (with count)

 hybrid-style – classical haṭhayoga (“yoga of force”) and modern yīnyoga (“yoga of passiveness”), which usually includes posture (āsana), breath-work (prāṇāyāma), and relaxation (dhyāna)

Also, both types are accompanied by the simple idea of ayoga (“non-yoga”), which could be interpreted as the gentle dissolving away of all Yoga techniques.

In addition to the above, Laurence also enjoys, at times studying the history, philosophy, anatomy, and scandals of all forms of Yoga through written texts and art, and attending various lectures and workshops.


Tara Duffy began yoga in London in 2000 and considers herself lucky that her second yoga class at her gym was with an Iyengar Yoga teacher. She has practiced Iyengar Yoga ever since and is certified at the Junior Intermediate II level. More recently, she has taught in Cos Clare and Galway, as well as two years teaching at the Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hong Kong.  She has studied with the Iyengar family in Pune in 2015 and 2016. She is grateful to all the teachers she has had throughout her travels and theirs to and from London, Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing and San Francisco. She also has taught in Mandarin in Beijing, where she completed her introductory teacher training under the guidance of Faeq Biria. In her professional former life, she worked as a journalist and a consultant for a nonprofit development organisation.


Fiona Brown's love of yoga began in her early twenties after the birth of her first child. Her practice was temporarily put on hold as she travelled extensively throughout Asia and South America. It was when she returned to Galway in 2007 that her practice ignited. In addition to the 200hr training she has completed Yoga Nidra and Womb Yoga Training with Uma Dinsmore Tuli of Sitaram Yoga London, an extensive anatomy training with Simon Borg Olivier of Yoga Synergy Australia and Emil Wendel’s Yoga and Philosophy course.  Fiona holds a diploma in Early Childhood Education and is passionate about teaching children & adults in a safe non-competitive environment. Classes for children are a mix of games, movement, mindfulness, breath and stillness.  For the last 5 years Fiona has taught yoga in primary schools around the city as part of the PE curriculum.

Her personal practice is heavily influenced by Ana Forrest (Forrest Yoga), Simon Borg Oliver (Yoga Synergy) Mark Freeth (Freestyle Yoga Project) and Shandor Remete (Shadow Yoga). Fiona continues to practice daily and attend workshops in Ireland and abroad.


Zita Hough 'My yoga journey started in London back in 2012 when I undertook hot power yoga in the hope of reducing back pain I was experiencing at the time. As a physiotherapist (Graduated UCD 2007), I anticipated the advantages of improved core strength and flexibility, but from that very first class I realised I had found something special. I was captivated by the combination of an intensely physical practice with meditation, active self-enquiry and that blissful Savasana! The physical and mental benefits I experienced inspired me to deepen my understanding of the teachings of yoga. In 2014 I headed to Vancouver to complete an intense 200 hour yoga teacher training with the renowned YYOGA organisation and more recently, travelled to Malta to become a certified SUP yoga teacher.

Since 2014 I have continually developed and improved my class which is conducted in a vinyasa style with heavy influences from Baptiste and Forrest yoga. There is emphasis on a strong physical practice through the use of dynamic flow sequences to create heat and focus the mind. Throughout class, I promote the use of Pranayama, linking the breath with movement to connect with your body and facilitate longer holds in the more difficult asanas : the Ujjayi breath is central to my flows. Influences from Iyengar also feature, with my background in Physiotherapy, encouraging the use of props to maintain safe alignment and promote injury prevention and rehab.

I love how yoga can be both a fun and transformative experience that can be carried off the mat and into daily life.'


Colette O'Donnell: Has been practising yoga and mindful movement for most of her life. She started as a classical ballet dancer and has gladly found her way to being a yoga practitioner and instructor. 

She received her first teacher training cert in 2015 and has been adding continuously and consistently to her practise and skills since then. Most recently completing a week intensive with Usha Devi in Mandrem, India.

In her sessions she likes to go to the roots of yoga and encourage people to be aware of their own bodies; physical, mental, and energetic. Encouraging  a firm connection to the breath and a gentle attitude in the mind. She is passionate about the inclusion of awareness practices such as pranayama and meditation in all sessions and embraces the fun of falling over and the relaxation of reclining.

Her teaching style is heavily influenced by B.K.S. Iyengar’s tradition of teaching. Very detailed, seemingly static, and person specific. But conversely, as a dancer she also loves to move freely and flow creating a nice balance in the pace and structure of her sessions.

Yoga has been the biggest changing, shaping force in Collette's life for a long time and she feels honoured to be able to spread the benefits that she find in the practise. 


John Berry: I find Yoga a tool that can help with personal wellness (mind & body) for everyone, whether just in physical movement, breath awareness, meditation, or a combination that can work for each individual. Moving further into Yoga logic also gives us a chance to look at our attitude to lifestyle, diet and generally trying to live life in a better way.

Vinyasa flow forms the basis of my individual practice and my teachings.  Physiotherapy alignment principles developed by Simon Borg Olivier and Bianca Machliss of Yoga Synergy form the basis of how I teach students to safely create strength and fluidity in their physical practice and encourage a state of calm and focus in their minds. I committed fully to my yoga practice in 2008 and graduated from The Yoga Shala Teacher Training Programme in 2012 and continue to teach a weekly. A weekly Tuesday evening class is taught at An Seomra Yoga Studio and is an intuitive Vinyasa Flow practice suitable for All Levels and practitioners that have some prior exposure to postural yoga.



Dermot Ryan is a Galway native who after many years of travel in India began his yoga journey 5 years ago. Having completed his Teacher Training Certification in 2016 at the Aarsha Yoga Vidya Peetham in India he then completed his Advanced Teacher Training Certification (RYT 500) in February 2018 at the Sivaananda Yoga Vidya Peetham under the guidance of the renowned teacher Swami Govindananda. 
Dermot practices and teaches Yoga in the traditional way as taught in the Sivananda Yoga Tradition. The five points of the tradition are, Proper Exercise, Proper Breathing, Proper Relaxation, Proper Diet and  Positive Thinking/Meditation.
His classes include the 12 Basic Asanas of the system with variations, short Pranayama and a sprinkling of humour and philosophy . Dermot's classes cater for all levels of practitioners. Beginners always welcome..




Fionnuala Doyle Wade grew up in Seattle where she was in training to be a professional dancer. Throughout her years dancing she practiced yoga on and off as cross training for the intensity of ballet. After becoming seriously injured in 2013, yoga became a daily practice and helped to rehabilitate her after the injury. After recovering  from the injury, Fionnuala continued to practice yoga daily as the physical and mental benefits were so great. She moved to Galway in 2014 where she began teaching dance for the University’s Dance Society as well as the Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy, while continuing to practice Yoga daily. In 2018 she completed a 200hr Yoga Alliance International teacher training in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga with Golden Glow Yoga College. Fionnuala is excited to now share her love of movement in the yoga studio. She is particularly interested in how yoga can help with rehabilitation from injuries, both physically and mentally. 












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